DE STERRENKIJKER | Psychotherapeutic centre
The client wanted an easy to digest experience for visitors that answer the most common questions. This ensures a better match between patient and therapist.
A one-pager design encouraged scrolling and an easy mobile experience. The website layout starts with a short description WHAT De Sterrenkijker is about. Secondly for WHO. Visitors can easily decide if De Sterrenkijker can help them or if they are better of looking for a different approach elsewhere. Thirdly we decided to include pictures and a small description of the staff. Together with interior pictures it gives visitors a good indication what and who to expect.

NAPOLEON ONGEHOORD | Musical and storytelling event
Most people use their mobile phone, clicking through social media for events. That's why I made the website with a 'mobile-first' approach. Visitors can easy scroll and click through to each independent ticket service. On request of the client I added an intro soundtrack and animation to the homepage. 

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