CASTOR | Protective Workwear​​​​​​​
The Castor brand was build starting with the logo and color. Industrial, professional and easy-to-read info were the 3 pillars of the project. Using big and bold colors and words makes it easy for customers to find the product they need.
The Logo
The name 'Castor' was something the client wanted to keep. Castor is a synonym for 'Beaver'. Along with their preference for an orange color I got to designing a logo that would fit the brand and would enhance its values.
The logo works with practically all media. Stamping, stickers, embroidery, ...
CURB (CONCEPT) | Logo and merch
The curb signifies the connection between homes and the streets.
This logo idea is my own concept and is approved by Curb Skateshop for the use in my portfolio.
The logo is an effect of skate culture finding its place in society.

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