SEA ME HAPPY | SS2021 Catalog
Simple and clear viewing experience with accurate representation of the product options
Sea Me Happy is a brand with a very big catalog in fabrics. Making a catalog with a picture of every option is practically impossible. That's why they opted for 1 photo per garment accompanied by scans of all possible fabrics. To ensure optimal and accurate viewing the scans were put on a 100% scale.
Scans and pictures by Lacuna Studios.
Sea Me Happy asked me to take a look at their packaging and to provide a simple to print design that fits their playful and bright style.
Packaging mockup is different from the final packaging.
MIDEX SAFETY | Product Catalogs
Industrial catalog with geometric shapes and layers
For Midex, as well as for its in-house-brand Castor, I designed the cover and inner layout for the product catalogs.

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